SpineGym Core Exerciser confirmed as a very effective tool for core muscle strengthening

SpineGym Core Exerciser
SpineGym Core Exerciser

A recent study by a leading market research company* specialising in medical devices, has revealed the SpineGym Core Exerciser to be an excellent device for improving and maintaining abdominal, back and paraspinal core muscles and producing immediate results.

The study completed in 2014 involved critical appraisals of the SpineGym by leading physiotherapists in the area of rehabilitation, sports injury and occupational health, together with in-depth feedback from personal trainers. A further study with end users was also undertaken with impressive results.

SpineGym is an ideal exercise for anyone looking to prevent their deep muscles becoming passive and weak and can be used at home, in a clinic environment, or even at work. A few minutes a day of simple pilates-based movements with this device is guaranteed to effectively strengthen those all important muscles, thus eliminating the causes of prolonged back pain. This device is also an ideal core muscle strengthening and rehabilitation tool for those who have mobility difficulties such as lying down to perform core muscle workouts.

Some of the benefits of the device from the study include:

  • Helps maintain upright posture and body alignment
  • Allows you to activate core muscles in a standing position
  • Immediate results were felt
  • More effective than floor exercises
  • Good support while exercising
  • An excellent rehabilitation tool alongside other rehab equipment
  • Ideal for people in a static working environment to reduce back problems
  • Suitable for all adult ages
  • Good for Glute strengthening
  • Core muscle strengthening after childbirth
  • Lightweight and portable device which takes up very little room
  • Very easy to use with easy assembly and clear exercise instructions
  • Very lightweight, easy to assemble and comes in a robust carry bag

The SpineGym is ideal for incontinence therapy, geriatric and post-operative therapy, those with mobility difficulties, general health and fitness, golfers, horse riders, skiers, tennis players, residential home patients, postnatal mothers, stroke patients, Parkinson patients, T10 spinal injuries, patients with balance problems, those with MS Conditions and Osteoporosis sufferers.

The SpineGym is produced by SpineGym Finland and distributed in the UK by Medserve Ltd.

For further information and demonstration please contact Ruth Milner on 01327 310310 or ruth@medserve-rehab.com


* www.agoramc.co.uk


We have tried the SpineGym with a mixture of our clients. Some of these clients have the ability to stand/walk by themselves, while others have no legs function. Typically the clients we have used this device with have some abdominal/back function and are usually either incomplete sci or a lower sci injury level.

Some of our clients quite liked it and could feel the muscles working well. They also liked the position it placed their hips in when performing the abdominal exercises. It also helped with improving posture.”

Kirk Morris – NeuroKinex Team

This device is good for core stability. I could feel the effect straight away even in my legs and shoulders. Very easy to use.”

Clinical Specialist and Physiotherapist – NHS Rehabilitation Centre

This device held the patient well in position and did not take up much room. Due to my client’s age he found it better than floor exercises as part of a rehabilitation program.”

Physiotherapist and Fitness Advisor

This is an excellent device for pre-natal mothers for core muscle strengthening and the tightening of diocestacis muscles.”

Personal Trainer for young mums

Allows you to activate core muscles in a standing motion and challenges peoples balance in the standing position.”

Physiotherapist Private Hospital

You can feel the effect straight away. I would say excellent for older people who are not good with floor exercises. Hits the spot straight away. A good core workout for just a few minutes each day. I like it very much.”

Personal Trainer