After the inaugural World of Microbiome: Pregnancy, Birth & Infancy Conference in 2019
the 1st international event focused on the impact of microbiome on maternal, fetal and early infancy health, this year the series is expanding by adding the World of Microbiome: Digestive & Metabolic Health.

The World of Microbiome is a new platform dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge and practice in the emerging field of microbiome. The series have a program designed to interpret recent research and analyze real-world case-studies. It provides a unique opportunity for scientists, clinical researchers, start-ups and established industry companies to form new collaborations and discuss the potential impact of the latest findings on patient care.  

The 2020 event will aim to come up with regulatory guidelines for the use of probiotics in a joint debate. Another focus of the program is the host microbiome interactions in health and disease and the antibiotic crises. Open discussions on this global level are expected to widen the scope of understanding and create new pathways for investigation and application of microbiome in maternal and infant’s health as well as its impact on gastrointestinal health.
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The expert committees of the two conferences are:

World of Microbiome: Pregnancy & Infancy Health:

  • Dr. Omry Koren, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
  • Prof. Erika Isolauri, Turku University Hospital Finland
  • Prof. Samuli Rautava, Turku University Hospital Finland

World of Microbiome: Digestive & Metabolic Health:

  • Prof. Iris Dotan, Rabin Medical Center, Israel
  • Prof. Michael Scharl, University Hospital, Zürich, Switzerland
  • Prof. Janneke van der Woude, Erasmus MC Rotterdam, Netherlands

The virtual format of the event will combine the two events of The World of Microbiome Series, giving the chance to attend both conferences without additional fee and registration.

Omry Koren, Committee WoMPBI Co-Chair says: “One of the main objectives of the conference is, not only to bring together international experts to discuss the exciting and developing field of microbiome and its relation to human health, but also to debate how the latest findings in the field will influence patients care in the future.”

The abstract submission for both Pregnancy, Birth & Infancy and Digestive & Metabolic Health conferences is open until 19 August 2020. The topics include:

  • The Microbiome in Healthy and Complicated Pregnancy
  • Birth, the Microbiome and Health
  • The Microbiome in the Neonatal Period
  • The Microbiome in Infancy
  • Microbiome along the GI tract
  • Microbiota shaping humans: from gut to brain and back
  • Interventions affecting the microbiome
  • Metabolic consequences of microbiome
  • Nutrition and microbiome
  • Clinical applications: FMT today
  • Other

The World of Microbiome Conferences aim to promote collaboration between researchers, clinicians and industry, and to help them overcome barriers that limit access to prevention, care and services. For more information please visit microbiome.kenes.com

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