THD procedure: an effective and non-invasive treatment for hemorrhoids

Medico Paziente
Medico Paziente

According to the eminent Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, the problem of hemorrhoids is more widespread in industrial countries than one might expect: it is estimated that around 50% of the population above the age of fifty suffers or suffered in the past from them. This means that one out of two people, at some point in his life, may experience this type of health problems.

The first step consists in getting at the root causes which affect the appearance of hemorrhoids and in particular the constipation through a correct and balanced diet. Sometimes these measures are not enough to treat hemorrhoids in advanced stage. Especially when the patient is suffering from prolapse of hemorrhoid tissue (hemorrhoids grade III-IV) the best way to resolve this problem is surgery and, in this regard, one of the most promising procedure is the THD Doppler based on the dearterialization of hemorrhoids .

Using advanced technology, surgeons can identify the blood vessels that supply blood to the hemorrhoids, and tie them in a sparsely innervated area (which generates minimal pain) reducing any prolapsed tissue by means of a sort of “lifting” which repositions the cushions in their original anatomical position.
The advantages are numerous: the Doppler THD procedure is in fact able to guarantee a high quality of life, avoiding subsequent relapses. Another crucial element is the minimal invasiveness of this kind of procedure, which can also be operated in day surgery; the resignation occurs within 24-36 hours and convalescence is rather short since the operation does not involve the removal of any tissue. This means that the patient is advised a few days rest before resuming his normal daily activities.

Another strong point of this method is its wide range of applicability: in fact there are no particular contraindications, it can also be performed in patients at an advanced age or suffering from debilitating diseases.
The THD surgical approach, thanks to its many benefits in both the short and the long term, therefore, is today one of the most effective solutions and decisive for the definitive treatment of hemorrhoid problems.