Premature Ejaculation: the Myths, Facts and Realities


Few health issues are surrounded with more taboo, embarrassment and false information than PE. This shouldn’t be the case however; as PE is a very common condition in reality, to the extent that 30% of men will at some point have the condition. Since PE is so prevalent, it’s important that the taboo is stripped away and the condition’s realities are brought to light.


Also known as ejaculation praecox, premature ejaculation can be caused by both physical and psychological factors. Its physical causes include added sensitivity to the extremities and the latter cause is commonly associated with nervousness.

Of its psychological effects are stress, anxiety, relationship problems and depression.

The Importance of Being Diagnosed

A male’s sexual organs are typically associated with his manliness and masculinity. For this reason, circumstances whereby a man’s penis may be concerned are seen as hugely embarrassing to many. Such a viewpoint can be a major stumbling block in treating PE.

If you feel that you may be suffering from PE – regardless of how embarrassed you may feel as a result – it is imperative that you look into some of the treatment plans that are available and, if in doubt, ask for advice from a doctor or sex therapist.

It is only through being checked that the causes of your PE that be identified, which in turn will help cure the issue by tackling its specific cause.


There is a range of different possible treatments for PE and their effectiveness will very much depend on the cause of one’s issues. Many people take drugs in order to cure the condition but many of these medications don’t work and can have unwanted side effects.

There have been recent tests carried out by the Department of Psychology and Logopedics, Abo Akademi University, Finland which show that a new form of psychosocial treatment is getting very positive results without the use of any drugs or surgeries.

If the root of your problem is a psychological issue than effective treatment will lie within curing this mental problem. The system being tested at the university was one created by a company called Prolong. They have a very effective treatment which seeks to eradicate the mental problems that cause an individual’s impotence through a training program that inspires sexual confidence within men. Their way of thinking is based on the belief that the psychological issues that cause PE are rooted in a lack of sexual confidence – which in itself is generally tied in with a lack of confidence in general.

Due to studies like this being carried out, amount of people that understand PE to be a simple health matter that simply requires basic treatment is increasing but it needs to increase further. The internet is helping men to research treatments like this anonymously but it is imperative that the money that is used to advertise drug related cures to PE doesn’t continue to make men feel that drugs are the most viable option available.

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