Lying About Our Health: Whiplash Fraud

whiplash diagram
whiplash diagram

Here in Britain we have a plethora of different perks not afforded to those living in other less – or even more – fortunate countries. The ability to seek whiplash compensation in the advent of a car accident is one of these and remains a safe haven for those unfortunate enough to suffer from a car accident. However a system of fraud has emerged which threatens the very gift of being able to seek personal injury compensation from insurance companies.

Mass Fraud

Up to £10,000 can be claimed off insurance companies for whiplash injuries. Such a hefty amount of money will no doubt entice fraudsters and charlatans and this has precisely been the case.

This is how the system works. Patients pretending to be suffering from whiplash visit doctors who subsequently are fooled into diagnosing them with the condition. Claiming neck injury, and or trauma, these patients then use evidence of the diagnosis to claim large sums off insurance companies.

While many may argue that the huge charges laid out by insurance companies are justification to taking money back from them, it must be reminded that even if this were justification, it is not only the insurance companies which lose out financially due to this type of fraud. Court costs through processing and judging through the claims take money out of the taxpayer’s pocket.

Sophisticated Fraud

fraud has developed to the state that many fraudsters go as far as orchestrating their own crashes for the purpose of strengthening their claims.

Furthermore, third rate doctors can even be sought to willingly give perfectly healthy patients a diagnosis of whiplash. Paid by dodgy claims management companies and personal injury lawyers keen on having more customers to work with, these doctors are further indication of how developed whiplash compensation is.

Preventing Such Fraud

More work needs to be done in educating the British people on the severe criminal nature of whiplash compensation fraud. In addition, perhaps tougher laws need to be laid down on those guilty of such crimes.

Lastly, third rate doctors and professionals need to be targeted greater by the state.

Robert Daniels is a freelance British writer whose work covers a range of topics from law, to health problems such as whiplash !