How AI can increase Breast Cancer Survival rates and reduce misdetection by up to 20%.

Artificial Intelligence reduces workload strain, patient waiting time and gives Radiologists a heads up on urgent cases – improving care.

October 5th 2020, Swindon, UK: Today, an AI initiative of Teleglobal Consulting LTD (TCL) announced the availability of iBCS (Intelligent Breast Cancer Screening) an Artificial intelligence (AI) solution that can recognise signs of abnormality in mammograms  – enabling Radiologists to prioritise and consult with more patients and dramatically reduce the rates of misdetection in breast cancer by up to 20%.  AI technology also reduces fatigue amongst healthcare professional, improving their effectiveness and efficiency.

Seamlessly integrating with both primary care and secondary care, iBCS can enhance clinical accuracy and increase the capability within the radiology care pathway while also reducing the operational costs within the department. Successfully piloted and deployed in Vietnamese and Indian hospitals it is now entering the UK & EU market. 

In 2018, it was estimated that 627,000 women died from breast cancer – this is approx. 15% of all cancer deaths among women. According to the World Health Organisation, while breast cancer rates are higher among women in more developed regions, rates are increasing in nearly every region globally.  These deaths are often as a result of late detection, which can occur due to patient delays, or miss detection by the NHS* – late detection also means intense treatment at a higher cost to the NHS. 

Fast Fact: There is an acute shortage of trained Radiologists, the Royal College of Radiologists’ estimates 1,600 shortfall by 2022.’s iBCS offers the radiologist a variety of benefits including:
● Workload reduction requirement by 15~20%
● Patient results waiting time reduced by more than ~20%
● Around ~20% reduction for missed detection
● More than 25% cost savings – Lesser diagnostic efforts and timely detection
● Better Patient Care with less expenses achieved via potential enhancement of survival rate by 10 % (approx. 11K death from Breast Cancer, cancer research UK) and adding more quality-adjusted life-year (QALY) to patient

iBCS is just one of the AI solutions created by Developed specifically to improve patient care, care system efficiency, accuracy and assist radiologists to manage their workload – all resulting in more patient consultations and better survival rates.

Identifying early signs using AI

The iBCS platform detects early signs of nodules, lesions, and calcification in the dense mammary glands and provides an intelligent suggestive classification of “Benign”, Malignant” and “Maybe Malignant”.  Once an abnormality is detected, the mammogram is prioritised in the Radiologists worklist with an AI notification for them to review the image. Initial detection of a malignant or suspicious tumour enables the Radiologist to prioritise the patient and start them on the relevant treatment programme quicker than before**. 

Several UK based Consultant Radiologists have seen the iBCS platform and the feedback for it has been extremely positive for speed, accuracy and ease of use.

“AI solutions are on the anvil of breaking into clinical use. The solutions being offered by AI companies including, have the potential be the game changers, more so for community screening.  Accuracy, seamless integration and data protection are the key elements for these solutions to be successful” said Dr Sanjay Dhawan FRCR, Group Director Clearmedi Healthcare, Clinical Radiologist & AI Enthusiast

iBCS is not just an algorithm but a comprehensive solution which can be integrated with any internal and pre-existing system within hospitals, diagnostic centres and care homes – any establishment which offers mammograms or captures digital images for breast cancer diagnosis. iBCS is set apart from other AI radiology options in this field as it can be purchased and used as a stand-alone product or can be purchased in conjunction with the other units in the AIRAD (Artificial Intelligence in Radiology) product suite or the Hospital Management System.

Rahul Tarar, founder & CEO Teleglobal Consulting Ltd added, “Today we are in new era of cognitive computing where AI is going to change the paradigm in care practices, especially in the ‘new normal’ phase post pandemic. We at are passionate about right innovations to fill the gaps in care delivery.  With iBCS, we strive to achieve our mission is to assist clinicians to deliver better access to care with improved clinical outcomes for patients. Our pilots have shown improvement in detection rate and improvements in overall operational efficiency of a Radiology set-up within a healthcare institution. Therefore, building confidence in our efforts and substantiate the theory that AI will improve healthcare, assist clinicians, improve capacity and save lives.”

Facts about Breast Cancer

  • *In 2016, it was claimed that 3500 cases of breast cancer were not diagnosed in the early stages due to missed detection – (source WHO, 2016)
  • **More than 330,000 patients in England wait more than 30 days for an imaging report (source RCR, 2015)
  • In the UK approx. 370 men are also diagnosed with breast cancer every year.  

About launched in 2019 as an extension to the healthcare research lab of its parent company Teleglobal Consulting LTD (est. 2008).’s mission is to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence, Digital and Data Science in Healthcare. Its primary elements are Diagnostics Imaging, a Hospital Management Information System, Teleradiology and Physician Engagement. AI solutions are progressing to receive CE marking and FDA (501K) clearance.

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