Fundraiser COVID-19 anthology which is 444 pages of pure charm is published to fundraise and support the NHS

Prior to this, there has been no book that depicts the human spirit from the COVID-19 crisis so vividly. It is truly a collective representation of the unity humanity has shown during the pandemic. Perhaps equally significant is that all proceeds from the book will go to support the National Health Service – NHS – and other global frontline services that are continuing to tackle the virus to keep the rest of humanity safe. Thus, making this book a totally unique and noble publication.” are the comments of Sir Richard Sykes the Chairman of the Royal Institution of Great Britain.

Together: An anthology from the COVID-19 pandemic, is a first of its kind collection of human experiences from the 2020 pandemic which includes stories of many brave hearts who contributed to safeguarding humanity. From building ventilators out of old washing machines to save lives, creating WhatsApp groups to keep an eye on the well-being of everyone in our neighbourhoods, to British ex-military travellers setting up relief camps to help locals In India, to feeding thousands of stranded families by locals in remote areas like Munger Bihar, and much more. What is more fascinating is that the curators of the book, Dr Pauldy Otermans and Dev Aditya have declared that all proceeds from its sale will go to support the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom and other frontline services still battling the virus globally. Several other senior academics including Professor Clare Brant from King’s, Dr Gautam Sen, and Professor William Leahy have contributed to the book along with celebrated poets like Benjamin Zephaniah, international musicians like Bappi Lahiri, and even British Paralympians like Ryan Raghoo. There are contributions from 65 other inspirational people who are linked to 5 continents that make this piece of work truly broad and inclusive. Professor Julia Buckingham, a renowned bio-chemist and President of Universities UK has said “much will be written about the COVID-19 pandemic in the future, but few accounts will capture the experiences, emotions and fantastic contributions of individuals in the way this volume does”.

This book, which reached Top 21 in both the UK and India in Amazon in its opening week, comprises of a collection of poems, prose, letters, and personal reflections of people from the height of the pandemic along with several stories of heroic efforts made by individuals and reflections from industry and civic leaders on how the world is rapidly changing following the pandemic. The book also comprises of an equal number of unique art pieces from independent artists who have inspired their contributions from their own reflections of the pandemic and the titles of the literary contributions in the book. The book’s contributors come from diverse backgrounds, genders, and ethnicities where the youngest author is seven and the oldest contributor is in his nineties. We believe it is a truly inclusive body of work that is a collective representation of the unity humanity has shown during the pandemic.

The entire book was produced in forty days, to make it ready as early as possible to start the fundraising process. Pauldy, Sweta, and Dev Aditya are indebted to the amount of support they received from organisations like blogs like About Health Care, Universities like Brunel University London, and individuals across the world, from design support to editing, art and communication support, they received to make this project come to life within this narrow timeline. They also lead a social enterprise called Otermans Institute to upskill rural students in India and Nepal in professional development with no costs incurred by the students. Otermans Institute is the official publisher of the book.

If you purchases this book you will not only fund our frontline heroes, but will also procure a piece of human that is worthy of passing on to the next generations. Together: An anthology from the COVID-19 pandemic utilises the collective voice of humanity to continue funding the international war against the virus until humanity can collectively defeat this virus, once and for all, globally. Prof Polly RoyChair of Virology London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine said “No one expected this virus but equally no one could have imagined the response. What a book!”

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