Critical Illness Cover; Some Frequently Asked Questions

There is a misconception where critical illness cover is concerned, and it might even be one which you too have thought about at one point or another. Yes, surely nobody wants to think about such things, but there is no need to grind yourselves down with negativity. In fact, critical illness cover as seen here on is designed to give you peace of mind, not stress you out even further and with this in mind, it can certainly help to know as much as possible about your typical critical illness cover plan and the company providing it where, in the UK you should be sure to look out for the FSA logo seen here and check the company on the register…

So, with this in mind, here are a few frequently asked questions on the topic, something which certainly deserves to be addressed by anyone who is thinking about protecting themselves further down the line.

Firstly, is critical illness cover worth the initial outlay?

Is it more trouble than it’s worth? Well, how about we turn this question around to a degree and throw it back at you? Can you really afford not to have a critical illness cover plan? These days, and believe us when we say that this is far better than it once was, even the best company policies in regard to sick pay and cover often only pay out for six months at a time, which isn’t bad of course, but customers are often faced with statutory sick pay after this period which, as we all know can sometimes barely even cover the cost of your mortgage or rent, never mind bills and other expenses. So, with this in mind, there is certainly a financial benefit to enjoyed through critical illness cover.

Another question which is understandably asked fairly regularly relates to what is covered by a typical critical illness cover plan. After all, each plan is slightly different and this is certainly worth noting down before signing up to any specific programme or scheme. Annoying as it is, some policies only cover roughly thirty different illnesses and yet others cover well over a hundred. Put simply, if an illness is not listed on your policy documents, then you are not covered for it unfortunately and this is why it can be hugely important to consider the finer details of any plan before signing on any dotted line, be it online or on paper.

Article by Simon Lucas