Considering Medical Treatment in the Ukraine

Many publications state the services provided by the NHS has become worse over the last few years. And it may not change for some time.

British hospitals are so overloaded that some patients sometimes wait weeks for their appointment and even months. There are some articles describing beds being located in the hospital corridors.

A high-quality health care for those who have no insurance package might become an unreachable luxury, especially if we think about dentistry or laser eye surgery.

As such, some UK patients are searching for a more affordable treatment. Medical tourism was born many years ago and has been successfully developing over the last decade not only in the UK, but in other developed countries as well.

There are numerous health tourism destinations, but in this article we would like to talk about Ukraine and the medical services which this state can propose for the British people.

Conceivably, few of our readers know much about Ukraine. Therefore, we propose some facts about this country.

  • Ukraine is the largest European country.
  • It can be surprising that the geographic centre of Europe is located in Ukraine – in the Zakarpattya region.
  • 2018 UEFA Champions League Final was held in Kyiv – Ukrainian capital. Many European tourists mentioned the beauty of the city, high level of organizing and a sincere hospitality of Ukrainians.
  • Eurovision Song Contest 2005 and 2017 took place also in Kyiv.
  • UEFA Euro 2012 was co-hosted by Ukraine and Poland.

So, there is no doubt that Ukraine is the most “European” country among all former-USSR countries. And hundreds of tourists from all over the world come to Ukraine every day.

Several low-costs operate in Ukraine. For example, a return flight London-Kyiv-London with Ryanair costs £59 / €67 only. For comparison, the price of London-Budapest-London route is around £68 / €77!

It is necessary to mention that no visa is required for the UK and Irish citizens if they come to Ukraine for up to 90 days.

A great number of medical students from Asia, Middle East and Africa are studying in many Ukrainian cities like Kharkiv and Kyiv. They choose Ukraine for graduation because of the very high quality of education and low prices.

It’s not just in the Ukraine where people are turning to for medical treatments, for instance many British citizens are seeking medical treatment as far afield as India, and Turkey has become a popular affordable choice for hair transplants (what to expect after a hair tranplant in Turkey).

The level of medical care in Ukraine is on the European level in terms of doctors’ qualification and medical equipment installed in the hospitals.

Ukrainian medical specialists regularly participate at the international medical forums and conferences enriching the world medical science and establishing new perspective trends.

The medical equipment, such as MRI and CT scanners, dental units, implants and appliances, LASIK equipment is the same supplied into the UK and Ukraine. The brands, such as Siemens, GE, Sirona, Alcon, Karl Storz are routine in medical practice of Ukrainian and European hospitals.

Based on this, we would consider Ukraine as the country which can offer the high-quality medical care, if we are talking about the medical centres and hospitals located in large cities, like Kyiv and Kharkiv.

There are some Ukrainian medical tourism agencies which care about all the aspects of health tour of the tourist who come from abroad. One of those is “Medical Ukraine” medical tourism agency

They solve all your problems when you get the treatment and/or diagnostics in the Ukrainian hospital.

Medical Ukraine:

  • Prepares and schedules the program of your diagnostics and treatment

  • Selects and books accommodation: apartment, hotel or hostel

  • Provides the escort at the medical centres and personal interpreter during all the medical appointments

  • 24 Hour support in emergency cases

  • Provides you with the certified translation of all the medical documentation which you get in Ukraine. So, you are able to use it later in the UK

  • Provides your airport transfer

  • Organizes leisure activities and cares about your diet

Just to give you the idea about the prices of medical services in Ukraine, some figures:

  • Dental implantation “all included”: implant, abutment, crown. From £363 / €410
  • Root canal treatment – from £13 / €15
  • Braces – from £133 / €150
  • Veneer Emax – from £239 / €270. Crown and installation are included

Materials used are: Straumann, Nobel Biocare, NeoBiotech, 3M, Ormco, etc.

  • Cataract treatment – from £301 / €340
  • Glaucoma surgery – £319 / €360

Equipment and materials used are: Alcon, Karl Zeiss, Tomey, etc.

  • MRI – from £49 / €55
  • CT – £27 / €30
  • Ultrasound – from £7 / €8
  • Laboratory tests – from £2.7 / €3
  • Check-up – £115 / €130


Investigation is fulfilled on the scanners Siemens, Philips, GE, Roche, etc.

More details can be found here:


So, why not come to Ukraine for an affordable check-up for just £115 / €130?

It is impossible to find prices for such a set of diagnostic procedures in the UK!!!

More details can be found here:

and here:


Or, maybe, it is time to get rid of your glasses with LASIK for £261 / €295?

Medical Ukraine will thoroughly evaluate your clinical case and schedule the appointment with the best doctors, PhD and MD. Many of them have the experience of practicing in the USA and Europe.

Please contact us via e-mail:

or Tel./Viber/WahtsApp: +380687430487

We are sure that after your first visit you will return to us again and again, like many of our patients have done!