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Chief nurse: ‘Cut hospital beds to increase care at home’

Cutting hospital beds and using the money for care at home could mean better treatment for patients, according to NHS England’s chief nursing officer. Prof Jane Cummings writes in the Daily Telegraph that freeing up the money put into “old and expensive buildings” is one way the health service can improve. Staying in hospital too […]

Surgical Errors and Medical Negligence Claims: Can the NHS Cut It?

A seemingly endless tide of surgical blunders that result in medical negligence claims shows no sign of abating. But what’s behind it, and how can you seek redress if you’re a victim? Astonishing sums are being paid out for medical negligence claims in the UK — £1.4 billion by the NHS last year. It’s an […]

Modern Authentication: Scott Clements, VASCO’s President and Chief Operating Officer, explains how the NHS can achieve the Balance between Security and Ease

Under the watchful eyes of regulators and, more alarmingly, cybercriminals, healthcare providers attempt to make their databases more accessible for access and sharing. One of the first elements that needs to be taken into account is authentication. Effective authentication is not only the first line of defence against efforts to limit unauthorised access, it can […]


NATIONAL HEALTH AWARD WINNERS ANNOUNCED AT INAUGURAL CEREMONY IN LONDON An ambulance worker from Berwick and a day centre receptionist from Belfast are the first ever winners of the Our Health Heroes awards, set up to celebrate the work of the thousands of support staff who keep the NHS running behind the scenes. Iain Scott and Elizabeth Cameron received their awards today […]

Have you ever tried talking to your EPR?

The Nuffield Trust has published a new report called Delivering the benefits of digital health care. It is a well-written, timely piece of research which sets out how we can transform healthcare systems using digital technology. It succinctly identifies the conundrum we currently face: that although healthcare delivery is being transformed by new technology, strategic decisions […]

Celebrate the our health heroes

Skills for Health and the National Skills Academy for Health launch a national campaign to highlight the vital role support workers play within the UK’s health sector and to say ‘thank you’ to unsung healthcare heroes. #OurHealthHeroes celebrates the 798,600 people across the UK health sector who work as healthcare assistants, assistant practitioners, porters, cleaners, […]

A Stitch In Time – Simon Lucas thinks the NHS is invaluable!

In Simon Lucas’s opinion, criticism of the NHS in unfair. He has nothing but praise for the Birmingham & Midland Eye Centre after receiving treatment for an eye injury: According to some, the NHS is an ageing concern, lumbering along with endless waiting lists and the possibility of coming out far worse than when you […]

Coventry health professor in swap with top NHS minister

A health professor at Coventry University will be swapping the lab for the Lords this week as part of a Royal Society initiative to pair up the UK’s leading scientists and policymakers to give them a taste of each other’s worlds. Professor Darrin Baines – an expert in the economics of the NHS from the […]

Why the time is right for an authentication revolution to sweep through the NHS – Tim Shaw, Channel Sales Manager UK & Ireland at VASCO Data Security, explains all

  Amid the many challenges faced by the NHS – ranging from a chronic funding crisis, a lack of resources for front-line staff, the contentious issue of GPs working weekends, over-stretched A&E departments and an ageing population to contend with – remains the profession’s ongoing determination to put the patient at the centre of care. […]

The first-ever research into the completeness and accuracy of medical records

When buying a used car, we’re always urged to check its service history. It tells you whether the car has been serviced according to the manufacturer’s schedule, whether it’s been the subject of a recall, whether it has had any advisories on its MOT and how often consumables like brakes, tyres, the exhaust and the […]