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Take an Ear Bud Break to Avoid Tinnitus

By Steven Hale, audiologist Tinnitus is an invisible hearing condition that for people who have it severely can render them helpless and desperate. It’s a phantom sensation of noise that originates within the body and is only heard by the individual who has it. One in seven in the UK experience tinnitus to varying degrees, […]

An HSJ webinar: Achieving QIPP With Clinical Decision Support

Today’s clinicians are bursting with knowledge, whether it’s updated information from the latest journal or data they read 30 years ago in a university classroom. These clinicians have to filter through their own knowledge base and continually tailor each decision they make to provide the best possible solution for every unique patient. It can be […]

Help Prevent Undiagnosed Hearing Loss

Around two million people in the UK use a hearing aid. It’s surprising fact also, that hearing loss affects more than 50% of over 60’s. There are many ways to help prevent and treat hearing loss and one such company is Amplifon. Amplifon can offer information and advice to help improve hearing quickly. You’ll find […]