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SFJ AWARDS HAS BEEN WORKING ALONGSIDE LEEDS TEACHING HOSPITALS NHS TRUST TO DEVELOP A NEW LEVEL 5 QUALIFICATION IN INVESTIGATING SERIOUS INCIDENTS IN HEALTHCARE Awarding organisation, SFJ Awards has released a new qualification that recognises the knowledge and skills required for healthcare professionals to conduct effective investigations in their workplace. The development of the Level […]

Is there a link between social media and cosmetic surgery?

Social media has changed the way we communicate, and made it easier than ever before to share with people close to us, or on the other side of the world. As visual-based social networks have taken over, we’re spending more and more time staring at pictures of perfect homes, perfect meals, perfect holidays and perfect […]

Private Health Insurance – is it Worth Having?

Here in the UK we are lucky enough to have access to free universal healthcare from the National Health Service. But the NHS isn’t perfect, and sometimes there are reasons why you might want the security and speed of private health insurance. Private medical insurance can be expensive, and so it’s fair to ask if […]

Want to Stay Safe and Healthy this Christmas? Be Aware of these Health Risks for a Happy Holiday

As Christmas approaches, many of us look forward to spending more time with friends and family. Surrounded by loved ones, sharing food, drink and gifts, the festive season should be a happy time for all. Save for the odd family disagreement, most of us don’t tend to worry too much about the holidays, but unfortunately […]

Safety shortcuts and excuses

There’s no denying that workplaces in Britain are now safer than they used to be. On the whole, employers have a responsible attitude towards risk management and there are strict laws in place governing health and safety standards. However, lapses do still occur and these incidents are often accompanied by a series of excuses. Here […]

Make Sure You’re Covered with a Good Healthcare Plan

For many people good health is an essential part of every day life, from being able to go to work, day in day out, to earn your living, to place food on the table, to look after your family both financially and in a social setting and to enjoy your hobbies whether that be a […]

Cosmetic Surgery Negligence

  Unlike traditional surgery, cosmetic surgery is largely aesthetic and is performed for the purpose of improving a person’s appearance. Whilst we may be familiar with certain types of cosmetic surgery such as plastic surgery, breast implants, liposuction and the revision of scars, cosmetic surgery also includes the following: Surgery of the Eyelids Forehead / […]

An HSJ webinar: Achieving QIPP With Clinical Decision Support

Today’s clinicians are bursting with knowledge, whether it’s updated information from the latest journal or data they read 30 years ago in a university classroom. These clinicians have to filter through their own knowledge base and continually tailor each decision they make to provide the best possible solution for every unique patient. It can be […]

Lying About Our Health: Whiplash Fraud

Here in Britain we have a plethora of different perks not afforded to those living in other less – or even more – fortunate countries. The ability to seek whiplash compensation in the advent of a car accident is one of these and remains a safe haven for those unfortunate enough to suffer from a […]

Invaluable Advice on Dealing with Medical Negligence

Of all the things, persons and institutions we trust the most, our healthcare probably lies at the top. We literally trust our doctors with our lives and so, when things go wrong the mental effects can be intensely damaging. Add onto that the physical effects of course, caused by medical negligence and one can grasp […]