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Can the new coronavirus pass from pregnant women to babies?

As the new coronavirus (COVID-19) becomes more of a concern for people around the world, fact and myth are increasingly being confused, particularly due to misinformation and unofficial advice being casually shared. Online and unmoderated parenting groups are rife with this misinformation, meaning that parents and prospective parents are unnecessarily overwhelmed trying to understand what […]

Project to predict cardiovascular events at University of Manchester receives Heart Research UK grant

A project at the University of Manchester aiming to develop a new tool for predicting the risk of a cardiovascular event or death in patients who have already suffered a heart attack has received a grant of almost £150,000 from national charity Heart Research UK. In the UK, around 7 million people are living with […]

Survey highlights growing concern for patient safety amongst theatre practitioners

86% of theatre practitioners witnessed bullying within the perioperative environment 39% of theatre practitioners asked to do things outside of their role scope 86% of theatre practitioners concerned about patient safety due to bullying in the workplace Poor mental health amongst nurses and the effect it has on patient care is one of the most […]

Charity Launches Nationwide Survey to Understand Challenges of Perioperative Workforce

The Association for Perioperative Practice has launched a nationwide survey in a bid to better understand the challenges faced by those working within the operating theatre and associated areas. The online survey, which aims to identify the prevalence and effects of issues such as bullying, pressure and the level of support from senior members of […]

Anaphylaxis charity offers guidance for families and young people living with allergies

Since the Anaphylaxis Campaign was founded 25 years ago hospital admissions for children and young people has increased sharply with latest figures from NHS Digital showing a 70% rise in children under 18 in the last five years. Although there is no single cause for the rising prevalence of allergy and numerous possible reasons are […]

Lack of funding leads to people with Severe Mental illness struggling to access Support

It has been estimated that 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem every year with the British Medical association describing mental illness as “the single largest burden of disease in the UK.” Despite government pledges to put mental health on equal footing with physical health it has been shown […]

First evidence-based online service launches to empower cancer patients to help themselves after diagnosis

Cancer patients now have access to evidence-based information about how their lifestyle and other choices can affect both the quality of life and outcomes after diagnosis, thanks to a new online service developed in the UK. The service, developed by (, is the end result of a major collaboration between leading oncologists, exercise and […]

Evolving medical monitors for earlier recognition of critical illness

A new startup business that could fundamentally change the way critical illness is identified and responded to in remote communities to improve survival rates is looking for cofounders to help evolve the future of patient monitoring technology. Specialist training to read the raw data of patient monitoring displays is often not available in remote and […]


Engineers are key to helping the nation keep healthy and well from helping find cures for cancer and keeping people safe at sea to helping dementia patients. Today marks the beginning of Tomorrow’s Engineers Week – this year it shines the light on engineers that make the world a better place. Five engineers from across the […]

One born every minute? 4 born every second!

New interactive counter designed by Stem Cell Storage Company Smart Cells reveals how many babies are born on each continent, every second, minute and hour that passes. They also revealed the percentage of children under 5 who have the blood disease anaemia, had access to prenatal healthcare and had a healthcare professional attend the birth. […]