Eye Care Basics When Buying Contact Lenses Online

Vision is widely regarded as one of the most important senses, and yet it can so easily be taken for granted. This is often the case even with those who have already experienced medical intervention of some kind or another when it comes to eye care. In younger years, the vast majority of treatments involve wearing glasses or contact lenses. Although it is now easier than ever to buy products like contact lenses online from suppliers like Vision Direct, there are several important points to note, especially if you are new to wearing contact lenses.

While the most convenient course of action nowadays is to buy contact lenses online, there is perhaps a potential issue posed by this method of purchase for new wearers of contact lenses, or those that have recently converted to disposable contacts after years of using standard soft (hydrophilic) or rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses. More traditional retail usually involves talking to at least an employee of the prescribing optometrist, who can point out the importance of adhering to usage instructions when it comes to disposable lenses.

The recommended wearing period is set for several key reasons, and is not about ensuring that you need to keep buying the product, but rather to do with maintaining good eye health while wearing daily lenses. Exceeding the recommended wearing period can result in discomfort caused by dryness and irritation, and even blurred vision. Worse still, the build up of lipids and proteins that can occur if the lenses are kept in too long can lead to an allergic reaction which can have serious consequences.

This should not put you off using daily disposable contact lenses, however, and is merely intended as a reminder to follow proper procedure. Disposable contact lenses have many benefits over semi permanent soft lenses and RGP lenses, not least of which is the avoidance of the need to bother with a cleaning solution and regime.

Rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses do of course last longer than disposable lenses, but also come with the risk that dust and dirt can become trapped between the eye and the lenses, causing palpable irritation. Those playing sports, and especially contact sports, should not wear RGP lenses during this activity, and should instead try soft or disposable lenses.

Make sure that you continue to arrange a regular check up for your eyes, even if you feel that your vision is O.K. It can be easy to get used to gradual sight deterioration, day to day, and as you get older it is necessary to monitor for several other potential issues. Older people are at risk of sight loss through age related macular degeneration. One of the forms of this condition, wet macular degeneration, is treatable if caught early enough, but the time frame in which treatment is effective is fairly short, meaning that regular check-ups are essential.