Back Injuries & Compensation

Back injuries are life changing, claim your rightful compensation today

Whatever the incident, back injuries are a common result – and everything from the level to the manageability of the problem and pain tends to be unique from person to person. So, whether you’ve had whiplash or a serious spinal injury, it is worth looking into back injury compensation. Whether you are less mobile for days or know someone who has been paralysed as a result, it is worth getting the facts about it.

Different back injuries

We all get a little back pain now and again; it isn’t necessarily something to be concerned about. But, if there are repeat factors that lead to this, or you have had an accident you may be entitled to compensation. Here are some common conditions:

  • Strains and sprains – When a ligament is torn or stretched it is known as a strain and a sprain is damage to tendons or muscles. What usually comes of this is pain, cramps and spasms and mobility reduction.
  • Herniated disk – When there is a rupture to one or more of your spinal disks you will get what is known as an annular tear. This problem with a nerve root sees you suffering a lot of pain.
  • Fractured vertebrae – In a bad incident, the trauma will lead to a broken spine. Alternatively, it is known to be a problem for the elderly and it tends to occur in the lower back.
  • Spinal cord injuries – Usually an impact of car accidents, this is where there is an injury to the spinal cord which leads to problems with your body and brain communicating. Generally speaking, the higher the injury, the bigger the problem.
  • Compression fractures – If this happens then your spine may change permanently, and there may be a deformation or collapse to the vertebrae.

As you can see, there are numerous back injuries that could occur – and they have differing results. If you do have one then you should see if you can claim some compensation and how you can get your life back. Many of these problems come from road traffic incidents. Much like this next story.

A client success

When a young man from Birmingham was out getting on with his day-to-day life, tragedy occurred – he was involved in a road accident. Crossing the road is part of all of our everyday lives, but when he was struck by a vehicle he was left with serious problems from a spinal cord injury. Originally, the insured driver denied liability but thanks to Irwin Mitchell the issue was resolved and showed him to have been negligent – at least in part – to the incident.

From here, interim funds were won in order to buy the client a property that was more suited to his needs along with therapy, equipment and a car. After this we were able to recover £3.5 million in damages and help him to lead a normal life again. With help and support we can overcome many things and this is what the man was able to get by claiming with us – for example, the client was able to be one of the first users of robotic exoskeleton equipment.

A partner from our Birmingham office, Stephen Nye, commented: “We are delighted to have achieved such a favourable outcome for our client. He faced his injuries with great courage and has taken a very positive outlook on his life, achieving a very high standard in wheelchair sports.”

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