An HSJ webinar: Achieving QIPP With Clinical Decision Support


Today’s clinicians are bursting with knowledge, whether it’s updated information from the latest journal or data they read 30 years ago in a university classroom. These clinicians have to filter through their own knowledge base and continually tailor each decision they make to provide the best possible solution for every unique patient.

It can be hard for even the most senior doctors to stay on top of their specialism. For juniors it can be more than a little daunting – especially when senior staff are thin on the ground. In this information-rich environment, it is important to be able to offer those clinicians the support they need to provide appropriate and safe care.

The Health Service Journal is hosting an exclusive webinar* which will offer important insights so as to enable you to better support your doctors in making those critical clinical decisions and offering the best care.

This free HSJ webinar will look at the role clinical support software can play in hospitals. It is sponsored by UpToDate, the only clinical decision support system associated with improved outcomes. There is a growing body of evidence that clinical decision support can save clinicians time, reduce unnecessary tests, shorten lengths of stay, speed up diagnosis and treatment and prevent harm to patients. All of these benefits translate to efficiencies and cost savings form trusts.

In an environment where managers are fighting hard to deliver their QIPP goals, achieving the best care at a lower cost is a real ‘sweet spot.’

What you will hear about:

This webinar will explore the role that clinical decision support can play in helping doctors ‘on the ground,’ the evidence case for using this software in clinical practice, how it can contribute to better care and reduced length of stay and how you can build a business case for investment.

It will also take a closer look at how doctors across 12 Trusts in the north west of England have seen positive outcomes from using clinical decision support software. The research was only recently published in the Health Information and Libraries Journal, thus offering fresh and unique insight.

Webinar speakers will include:

  • Dr Rhidian Bramley, Chief Clinical Information Officer and Director of Radiology, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

  • John Addison, library manager at Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust

  • Dr Denise Basow, President and Editor-in-Chief of UpToDate at Wolters Kluwer Health, one of the leading software systems

  • The webinar will be chaired by HSJ editor Alastair McLellan

Who should watch:

  • Clinical and Medical Directors
  • Chief Executives
  • Finance Directors
  • Managers with responsibility for QIPP programmes

How to register:

You will need to pre-register here to be an HSJTV user in order to attend.

Once you have registered, simply click ‘attend’ on the first webinar in the list on this same page. The webinar is entitled: ‘Can clinical decision support technology help hospitals deliver their QIPP goals’