A source of inspiration for amputees!

Here’s a blog post by Lasse with the purpose of giving a source of inspiration that can be shared amongst open-minded people that might need a push in the right direction and a tiny bit of motivation.

I started this since I got contacted by people in different life situations with the question, “how do you do it (sports, yoga, running, etc.) in your situation?”. This made me write a book, “Landing on my feet,” focusing primarily on new amputees, which then lead me to start the Instagram with the same name full of videos, pictures, and how-to’s, which you can see here. I have received overwhelmingly positive feedback on the things I share, and it’s almost turning into a small community of both extreme sports amputees, normal amputees, normal people, and athletes as well.

Today Lasse is in a position where he can continually push boundaries and mindset to live with fewer and fewer limitations. As an example, he practices yoga, running, power tumbling/gymnastics, CrossFit, biking, and rowing every week, which he shares on his Instagram to inspire others.

If you have any feedback or ideas for collaboration, he would love to hear back from you! So feel free to check out both the Instagram and the book, and share it if you find it relevant 🙂